Small Grant Program-NEW (updated 12/03/2015)

The Westside Regional Water Management Group has developed a small grant program to help accomplish the vision of the Westside IRWMP. The small grant program will disperse funds on an annual basis to projects or programs that meet the goals and objectives of the IRWMP. No more than 25% of the Westside IRWMP funds will be expended per fiscal year towards this program and awards will be capped at a maximum of $25,000 per project. There is no match requirement for this program; however, points will be awarded to projects or programs that demonstrate a local match.

Small Grant Program Guidelines

Small Grant Program Application

Example Projects:

Lower Cache Creek Invasive Species Mapping and Prioritization Project

2016 Putah Creek Cleanup


Westside Brownfields Coalition Assessment Project

The Westside Sacramento Integrated Regional Water Management Plan is kicking off a new brownfields project that will engage communities in the Cache and Putah Creek watersheds about abandoned mining sites. Brownfields are lands contaminated by industrial processes that pose significant public health risks to our community and environmental threats to our ecosystems.


Call for Projects-Open Enrollment (updated-04-28-2015)

The Westside Coordinating Committee will recieve projects from stakeholders in the Region on a contiuous basis until further notice. Revisions, updates, and removal (completed projects) of existing Projects will also be recieved on an open basis. In order for a project to be considered for current or future funding, the project proponent must have adopted the Westside IRWMP.

The project list will be updated on a quarterly basis.

Adding projects to the Westside IRWMP does not guarantee they will be funded. The Westside Coordinating Committee, with input from stakeholders, will decide the merit of individual projects to be included in grant application submittals, meeting the Region's goals and objectives as well as importance and urgency is the general basis for projects to be included in such grant applications.

IRWM Project Information Forms

Call for Projects Form -Make sure to save this form to your desktop before submitting to the Westside (updated 04/02/2019)

Updating Projects (updated 03/06/2015)

Call for Projects Information

Westside Sacramento Planning Boundary

Current DWR IRWM Funding Opportunites

2015 IRWM Funded Projects

Solano and Napa Cities Drought Relief Project-Solano County Water Agency

Sewer Lift Station Upgrades (Force Main)-Lake Berryessa Resort Improvement District

Sewer Lift Station Upgrades (Stations B,C, and D)-Lake Berryessa Resort Improvement District

Lower Putah Creek Restoration-Monticello Dam to Dry Creek


2014 Drought Projects Submitted

2014 EPA Brownfield Grant Submittal

2013 Round 2 Implementation

Submitted Projects
Submitted projects are organized in an PDF file - download here - for easy review.

Click here to view the submitted project forms. Please note that a new web browser screen/tab will open with a list of PDFs that can be downloaded and viewed.